Sunday, 23 March 2008

What a weekend !!

The wind has been howling and when the wind wasn't howling it was raining or throwing sleet down at 45 degrees.... it's not been conducive to fit the drive shafts so I'll leave that for through the week seeing as I have 10 days off for a rather sneaky four days holiday ;¬)

We went off to Wisemans bridge yesterday to blow the cobwebs out, but no cobwebs were blown anywhere, because it was a northerly wind and of course most of the beaches are south facing so were sheltered, so we were pleasantly surprised to find Wisemans bridge becalmed and sunny, but it didn't last, we had to come home to our house on the hill and it's howling gales.....

and as the sun went down everything went flat calm......bizarre weather !!

anyway we are having a chilled out time watching cheesy television and about to tuck into home made soup and some rather fantastic home made bread :¬)

Roll on summer .... I think it's coming soon.... allegedly ......

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