Monday, 24 March 2008

What a swine !!!

Today was the day I decided the wind had dropped enough to fit the drive shafts to the Pug, I jacked up the Pug and put a couple of axle stands underneath and started to take off the hub on the right hand side then proceeded to remove the right hand drive shaft......let's just say it was a complete swine to get off.... the intermediary bearing on the old drive shaft seemed to be spot welded to it's carrier, but it was eventually persuaded out of it's carrier and I didn't lose too much gearbox oil either, in the swap over !!

the second one was replaced in about 15 minutes, I didn't even bother separating the lower ball joint, the shaft just slipped out and I slotted the new one in, all told it took me about 2 hours, and that included refilling the gearbox with just over a litre of oil, I took it for a test drive (after making sure my brakes were back !!) and other than the wheels needing balancing it doesn't sound like somebody doing their rendition of "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins when you turn corners.... so alls well that ends well :¬)

all I need to do now is return the old drive shafts to get my £25 surcharge on each one returned..... so all told £114 for two drive shafts..... and I've saved a fortune in garage bills, hopefully that's it now until the pug develops something too serious to repair, and fingers crossed a few years from now !! :¬)

anyway normal service has been resumed on this blog I doubt there will be any further entries regarding my grease monkeying exploits.... All I need now is a bombproof method of removing black oil and grease from under my any suggestions will be gratefully received

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