Monday, 17 March 2008

Yet another Peugeot 205 repair done

I really do believe that this blog is turning into an online Haynes manual for the infamous Pug 205, I'd been putting it off since the last repair thinking ahhh it will last a few months more..... that was until I had to hit the brakes hard on the M4 to stop myself from becoming intimately entangled into the back of a BMW X5, although looking at the ground clearance I probably could have driven straight underneath it ;¬)

Anyway the slightly warped front disc brakes showed their true inability to bring the car to a controlled standstill even after standing on the pedal with the downforce of a man demented......(don't worry I had ABS thigh muscles retrofitted ) and after my heart returned to it's proper resting place in my chest I swore I would fit new front disc brakes... it turns out they aren't that expensive, I picked up a set from Halfords for £14.99 each which I was pretty damn chuffed about...and this weekend I fitted them in under 35 minutes, well lets face it the front suspension and wheels have been off that car so many times this past few weeks/months ? that they knew the routine by now, in fact I think the bolts were still warm from the last time I had them off ....

and after a pensive if not "ride of your life" test drive in the driveway as the new disc's showed their mettle and did indeed stop me from driving into the house but only after I had forgotten to pump the brakes to get the hydraulic pressure back....(nothing steels the nether regions like forgetting to get your hydraulic pressure back after working on brakes...needless to say my right leg went like a humming birds wing until resistance was felt !!) and I did indeed stop 2" from the house :)

Tech note :1.. never assume anything!!

so after I was secure with the idea that the brakes did in fact work as intended, I took it out on the road and thankfully that jerking feeling when braking which was similar to being towed up the hill on Blackpool's biggest roller coaster was gone and the good old pug came to a restful stop and dare I say it smoothly

I think the pug has become a bit of a hobby for me now, I just wish the Jeep was as easy to work on, but alas it's not, I've had to ring around to get the camber done on it, the main dealer won't touch it because they don't have a camber machine whatever one of those does, and the only garage in the area that does have one is going to charge me dearly for having it done, but considering it only had new tyres in October and the front ones are showing signs of abnormal wear already I will have to bite the bullet and get it done at £100 a pop (ish) on the tyres for the Jeep it's not cheap replacing them so often :( (even if it is the better half's runabout now)

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