Saturday, 1 March 2008

The madness of bureaucracy

We have an answer back from the CSA regarding the appeal, and they have ten weeks to come back with a decision, but apparently I have to continue paying the debt at the rate they specified even though an appeal has been lodged......

excuse me but DUHHHHHHHHHH.... the only reason I am appealing is because I cannot afford the payment schedule they have laid down, and if I did pay it it would make my family suffer because of it, so it's a no brainer, food in the kids mouths and a roof over our heads or pay the CSA ......hmmmmm

I have the feeling they have no grasp on the realities of making a living and paying bills, it would be reckless of me to start paying them, and a dereliction of duty and care to my current family, so all I can do is put off the inevitable as long as humanly possible....

I have requested all information they have on their system about me, including logs and notes ....dated of course, under the data protection act, and they have written back stating that they have until the end of March to provide the information, so it will be extremely interesting reading what has been said about me by various parties, and it does give me the right to correct any half-truths or lies that may have been said about me, plus any other correspondence between my ex wife and the CSA....which under the data protection act they are forced to provide the information :¬)

My ex must think she is hurting me in some way, but it's only money, maybe if she ever got off her backside whilst we were married and worked for some "honest" money and helped towards buying any house we ever had, or contributing in some way towards household expenses I would have more respect for her now, but alas I don't, not content with reaping the benefits of getting a house for a knock down price, her 30 pieces of silver so to speak.... her greed it seems is limitless.... I honestly feel sorry for her.

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