Saturday, 29 March 2008

The weather is awful today

and I've been left holding the fort while Andrea takes the train up to Liverpool to see her Nan who is very ill, she has taken Freya and the 2nd littlest, so I'm left here with the two teenage tearaway's , they aren't much trouble really, the Xbox recluse sits in his bedroom like a bandwidth vampire sucking the life blood out of the BT broadband wirelessly.... and the other one spends most of her time either on MSN or bebo or watching some dross soap's or even worse....."friends" re-runs .... so they are both happy

The house hasn't burned down yet although I am beginning to realise what a 24/7 job it is following teenagers around picking up after them as they leave a trail of devastation and destruction behind them.... and in about 20 minutes I'm dropping off the step daughter in town in the driving rain so she can see her friends, you wouldn't catch me out in this I can assure you.... best friend or not, I would have to insist on a nice warm pub and a cold beer to get me out in this ;¬)

I've also managed to seal the howling gale that appears in the office/study window when the prevailing wind blows, by applying copious amounts of translucent sealant down the enormous gap left by the window people when they installed the window in here..... it has stopped my goatee from being wind swept and distorted to the right when I sit here and do my computer stuff...although the CPU temperature has climbed as it's main source of cooling has now been lost..... it's flat calm in here and maybe the completely inadequate radiator will have a fighting chance of pumping some warmth into this last :)

and I have managed to fix the two chairs in the kitchen with some proper wood glue, the last people that had them thought that blue tac was a brilliant solution....alas it may be good at sticking paper to walls, but it's pretty damn poor at keeping struts in chair bottoms in, and underneath the blue tac was a load of silicon sealant, so it had little chance of holding itself up let alone a person sat on it.....

and after dropping off my step daughter in the howling wind and rain in town, I've just sealed her bedroom windows which had similar yawning gaps, so hopefully after it has set and the smell of the sealant has gone.......I can turn the heating down ;¬) ..... bah humbug....

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