Monday, 31 March 2008

Denbigh Cider makes you mental

Hwyl Euros, welcome to my ramblings !!! :) one of my friends, Euros up in North Wales has invited me to a sampling of his finest cider, Denbigh 7 (makes you mental) pre beta release leading up to the Denbigh beer festival, which I attended a few years back now, basically you turn up at the event (sober) where it's being held, buy some beer tokens and partake of the brewed offerings and leave slightly under the weather (drunk) after several hours...obviously passing a kebab house or two.... I have to admit I have NEVER fancied a kebab after partaking in beeriness activities, but let it not be me to judge others in this matter, now cider is renowned for removing ones ability to walk the quickest and in some cases your eyesight, and if Euros has had a hand in producing this marvel of intoxication then I should imagine NASA are queueing up to purchase thousands of gallons to power the next space shuttle in their attempt to jump on the green band wagon.......behold the space shuttle the first cider powered take off !!! ;¬)

anyway I digress the last time I attended the Denbigh beer festival we all ended up at some persons house who was kind (stupid) enough to let us all in as we "band y gegin" wandered around the streets aimlessly, and I mean aimlessly..... and on waking up it looked as if somebody had taken the roof off the house, removed the first floor, then tipped us all in the front room.... it looked like a game of twister which had gone horribly wrong....we had a fantastic time (I think....) and I hope to repeat it at some point :)..... never have I laughed so much in one night....

and as they say .......once in a while does you no harm ;¬) ..... all things in moderation :)

I actually don't like the feeling of being drunk, but occasionally my safety valve blows a gasket, which usually involves Euros saying "HAVE ANOTHER!!!" or the 2nd littlest at our house and his fascination for the toggle on the winebox.... you turn your head away and your glass is full.......and the well lets just say the rest is history.... :)

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