Saturday, 29 March 2008

You know I mentioned that the house hasn't burned down ?

Well that's probably because we had a flood of mini biblical proportions, not sent down by God this time but the washing machine, I've tracked the fault down already on the damn thing and fixed it whilst paddling in the small swimming pool that was the laundry room.... Thank goodness for Vileda super mops is all I can say....

Now you washing machine savvy people (women) will think "pah a man, he didn't close the door properly....did he" ... alas no, our washing machine is man proof, you cannot start the washing machine unless the door is engaged and watertight.... so what could have caused this several gallons of water to gush forth like it did ?

This little deluge was down to the washing powder drawer being left to coagulate into a small orange sized ball of gelatinous goo, which once given enough lubrication slumped off the washing powder drawer into the water feed tube which eventually empties into the washing machine drum, on inspection the tube narrows.....need I say more ? the lump of washing powder jammed itself tightly in the tube whilst the washing machine was entirely content that the door was shut and "man proof" turned on the taps to fill itself....the rest they say is history...albeit wet history

now not being the keeper/guardian of the washing machine I can firmly put this one in the hands of the aforementioned washing machine keeper...... although to be fair, it was a flood waiting to happen, you don't really check the drawer of your washing machine very often do you ?

Might I suggest you do in future ???? ;¬)

ps/ the carpet has come up lovely .....

pps/ the fix included cutting a 1 metre long piece of TV coax and ramming that down the tube below the draw until a loud glug was heard, followed by the water level dropping rapidly.... so confident am I that it's fixed, I've put it on again and so far's keeping the water inside itself

ppps/ I've found the miracle cure for oily grime embedded behind fingernails that won't shift even with a scrubbing brush..... it's called a washing machine flood !!!! :¬)

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