Monday, 1 October 2007

18 days left !!!

Before our new arrival lands or at least that's it's due date :) it only seems like a few months ago when Andrea announced she was pregnant, she is huge now, apparently a much bigger bump than she has had before, she hasn't put much weight on at all really, it's all at the front, time has flown by dramatically these last few months, we have everything prepared.... well as prepared as you can be for a new arrival, everybody in the family is looking forward to it's arrival :) some want a boy others want a girl, I'd prefer a boy because I haven't had one, but if it's a girl at least I know what to expect.... but whatever it is it will be loved, it's been a while since I have had a baby around it will take some adjusting, mind you it's been 8 years since Andrea had her last so no doubt a bit of adjusting for her as well, not to mention the kids :)

Well I managed to go fishing this weekend, in between the rain.... I took the youngest, well he did nag me to go...not that I needed nagging :).... I tried to get across to him how lucky he was on his first fishing trip catching two trout like he did on the way to the river, which is only a few hundred yards away from our house, I think he realised how lucky he was by the end of the fishing trip mainly because we had run out of worms and had nothing to show for it.

He still has a major aversion to putting his own worms on his hook, and I jokingly told him he wasn't a proper fisherman until he wormed his own hooks, but progress is being made, he did insist on throwing the remains of his last worm into the river which is a big advance from not touching them FULL STOP, he was also relieved that the bullocks were in a different field so we didn't have to walk through them.....again, I did get one nibble but it jumped off the hook and was only small so would have been thrown back anyway....

Life is very settled at the moment, no major dramas looming, bills paid, nobody chasing after us, it's all quite relaxed really, kids "mostly" behaving themselves, although my step daughter did throw a strop this weekend. She had her friend around and expected to watch X-Factor at gone 10pm which we had recorded for her earlier when she was out with friends, I came downstairs after helping Andrea put the youngest to bed to find her and her friend lording it in "our" lounge feet up ready for an X-factor fix, my fuse blew when she said "there's another TV in there go watch it !!", (purely said because her friend was there) closely followed by "you're ruining my life" as she stamped out of the room friend in tow, after I put my foot down and turned off the TV !!! Andrea apparently "ruined her day" earlier by telling her not to make a mess, after she had cleaned and tidied the house, but me being a true professional "ruined her life", thankfully the strops don't last long these days, I think she is beginning to realise they don't get her anywhere with either of us, 95% of the time she is a really sweet teenage girl, the other 5% is purely being a teenager without the sweet girl I think

Andrea has just reminded me to remind her to take her iron tablets via text her vision has gone a bit funny again at work, I'm obviously going to have to get on her nerves and bring them up with her tea in the morning and wait until they have been swallowed :)

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