Saturday, 14 November 2009


Well my parents have been flying now for three hours and forty five minutes on their way to Perth, Australia to visit my cousin Sue and her family.... My mother was really nervous about flying, she hasn't flown before, I'd presumed she had flown out to Holland when she was a young woman before meeting my father but no.... she's never been on a flight before or a plane of any description.... so here she is signed up to fly on the biggest jet airline thus far the A380 Airbus.... she's DVT socked up to the eyeballs as is my father .... They have a stop off at Singapore airport for refuelling then off to Australia and Perth. My mother couldn't get it into her head the time differences ..... either way I think her body will tell her she's just flown nearly 24 hours even if her watch won't !!!

They have a busy time out there because Sue has an itinerary with all the good places to visit and my parents have promised FOMO boy a boomerang (real) and some aboriginal art for teenage moody strop daughter because she's doing that in her GCSE syllabus.....

They will have a blast I'm sure, it will be so hard lazing around the pool at my cousin Sue's house in the suburbs of Perth ......waited on hand and foot.... rather them than me .... (not!!!)... seriously though they deserve a decent break.... and three weeks isn't bad in Auz !!

We've just had our friends around Niki and Justin and they have plied us with mulled wine and beer and some festive mince pies (bit early but who cares ?)..... Xbox boy's 18th birthday is looming I'm sure he will have a blast, he usually does...... regardless

as for me ..... well I'm waiting for the Ipod to die again .... to give me something to do !!! ho hum

I did however take this rather stunning photograph of a rainbow just outside our house this morning...... as you can see the weather is lovely ...... bet they don't get rain in Australia like we do here in Wales ;-) .... I'll have to visit our neighbour to see if I can steal his pot of gold !!!

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