Monday, 9 November 2009

Sagem DVR Update

It's been a long time coming.... an update to fix a minor problem with my 250GB DVR .... it's only a minor problem but it's bloody annoying....

Anyway today is the day the official update over the air arrives ..... (sigh) and my DVR has been nudging me to do the update .......I've tried it four times now and each time it comes up with ER14 which means :-

Er14 - Faulty data signals received by the digital-box

or translated into human means a car or possibly a small insect with excess static charge built up in it's wings has passed by the house and disrupted the signal so badly it's corrupted the update..... (double sigh)

I've just got to pick a time when no cars or statically charged objects are passing.... (or maybe it's my 1970's nylon Y-front underpants causing the interference !!!) it's a bit of a problem when you live in a fringe signal reception area and you have a TV aerial the size of a small planet perched on your roof going through a mast head amplifier then onto a distribution amplifier which has the ability to decode SETI signals from outer space let alone from the Preseli transmitter !!! to say our TV reception is sensitive to outside influences would be an understatement .... and to think some people can pick up TV signals with no aerial at all !!!

(make that a 5th attempt to update it.... it failed again !!!)

it's going to have to be working before my step daughter gets home to watch
Hollyoaks .....or her life will be over !!!

for those of you searching for Sagem Error Codes ... here they are :)

Er00 - The software that was available for upgrading was of an older or of the same version as the one already in the digital-box.

Er01, Er02 -The upgrade failed. Some information was missed out.

Er03 - The internal memory is not large enough to receive the upgrade.

Er04 - The signal was disturbed during the upgrade.

Er05 - Wrong type of data was received during upgrade.

Er06 - Not used.

Er07 - Access problem in back-up memory (EEPROM).

Er08 - Access problem in video memory.

Er09 - Can not find any data to do an upgrade.

Er10 - Poor or no cable-TV signal.

Er11,12 - Not used.

Er13 - Unauthorised data signals received by the digital-box.

Er14 - Faulty data signals received by the digital-box.

Pb01 - A problem in the ROM memory is detected.

Pb02 - Memory size is too small.

Pb03 - A problem occurred during start up (initialisation problem).

Pb04 - Internal communication failure.

PbF9 - Hardware error identified during start-up

oh and if your Sagem gets stuck with an error message... wait until the error message appears then press the standby button on your remote.... that will revert to your previous firmware :)

Addendum:- It looks as if they have pulled the update.... by the looks of it many people were getting ER14's when they tried to update.... Ahhhh well nice try Sagem but no cigar !!!


Noddy said...

Hi, my DVR6200T has done exactly the same - but seems to have locked up. Please could you tell us how to start another update attempt..?

Digamy said...

just power off your DVR leave it for 5 minutes then power it back up again, it should find the update on air and try again.... you'll probably have more success after night fall when the signal is stronger and less prone to interference :) Er14 only means the data stream was corrupted

let me know if you manage it .... mine is still attempting the update...try 14 !!!