Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wasn't expecting this at all !!

I was doing my usual trawl of the BBC news website when I came across this item about an old friend Brannan Tempest .

He lives in Leeds and is madder than a box of frogs, but I was sad to hear his girlfriend Pippa had been injured in a car accident....I hope she fully recovers...... That said it does kind of follow that only Brannan could get a 2.4 metre high carved horse from Indonesia nicked from outside of his house......

This is the man who found a display firework mortar bomb which hadn't gone off at Rounday Park in Leeds after a commercial firework know the ones where you hear the "thump" as it's fired into the air from a mortar tube then you get that massive star burst.... well he took it home and set it off in his field.... I think that's where the US military got the idea for the "Daisycutter" bomb.... his field remained pretty bare for several weeks....I suppose it's one way of cutting your grass !!! ..... thankfully he wasn't injured .... just deaf for a while... ahhh the things you do when you're young eh ?

Anyway it was nice to see him even if it was on a BBC News report about stolen wooden horses I hope they catch the thieving swine's !! I'm pleased to say he has less hair than me.... but not by much ;¬)

Addendum :- I've since found out that they recovered his trojan horse from a place called Castleford and it's been handed back to him !!! :)


Bran said...

Who the hell wrote this :-) Bran

Digamy said...

Tis I Le'Claire ;¬)