Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Laugh ? I nearly fell off my chair......

You have got to read this David Icke fella .... I think he is actually suffering from something quite delusional and quite probably serious... but the thing that made me laugh the longest and hardest were all the credit cards and methods of payment he accepts at the bottom of every page.... Hmmmm so maybe he isn't as loony as he makes out eh ??? a true loon wouldn't charge for his snippets of wisdom or services, he'd want to evangelise for free....like prophets of old.... "those are my juniper bushes !!!" now wouldn't he ? .... apparently he is a conspiracy investigator whatever that is.... or is he ? maybe he staged the moon landings himself in Elstree Studios , or quite possibly has a collection of grassy knolls in his back yard (all signed and limited edition of course....paypal accepted)

His latest exposé is all about the swine flu vaccine and how it's been engineered to kill us all
and how the H1N1 virus was engineered to allow the reptilian overlords to control us and reduce the population..... not to mention the sea monsters which will swallow up all the BP oil drilling platforms.....

No..... if you EVER think you are going slightly mad have a quick read of what David Icke is sprouting about it will clearly make you realise that you are in fact as normal as the rest of us and not a few slates short of a full roof, or indeed several sandwiches short of a picnic

Ohhhh and the LRO from NASA has photographed most of the Apollo landing sites and you can actually see the LEM that was left on the surface when the Astronauts left..... I guess that means David Icke will have to sell all his moon rocks at a cut down price now .... who knows maybe he could re-market them as Reptilian gall stones ????

(hmmmm mind you the conspiracy theorists won't trust any multimillion dollar spacecraft because it was sent by NASA who of course staged the whole Apollo mission in the Mojave desert back in the 60's !! .....Damn foiled again !!! ) bloody lunatics !!!

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