Friday, 13 November 2009

Itunes and rain

It seems the latest incarnation of Itunes (version 9.0.25) has killed quite a few ipods, I was thinking it was Freya killing ours with the Sharpie pen and consequent rubbing with wet wipes... but my iPod died again.... Itunes has definitely something to do with it judging by the numerous posts on the Apple forums.... I've resurrected ours again ... how long it will stay resurrected is another thing ... we shall see....

Then there is the rain of which we have had plenty of these past few days, I took xbox boy for an interview for a job in Llanelli (which he got !!) and on the way back the heavens emptied it was like driving underwater on the back roads from Llanelli.... Needless to say Duran Duran coughed and died when it was driven past a moist hedge on the way back.... to be fair it was more than a moist hedge the water was at least 5" deep on the road, and even though I crawled through it at just a bit faster than the spread of bacteria.... it still coughed/backfired twice then died... so I had to wave the traffic past us on a pretty sharp corner.... I wasn't looking forward to getting my feet wet, but thankfully the engine sprang to life after a couple of tries.....phew :)

The trip back home after picking up FOMO boy from school early because of the torrential rain was a bit more exciting.... we have a T-Junction at the bottom of the Bancyfelin road and it was completely underwater by at least 5 to 8 inches of water.... just scraping the sills on the door I think.... we got through that on a wing and a prayer, only to be confronted with nothing short of a running waterfall that was our normal road home ....... the hill looked like a very flat waterfall.... I've never seen so much water on a road before.... it was at this point I thought "we aren't going to make it up this hill...." it was that bad if you had got out of the car and stood in the middle of the road the water would have been shooting past your knees with the spray off your feet... but Duran Duran did us proud .... coughed a few times but got us up there....

apparently it's not the worst of it we have more on the way ... St Clears I think is going to be particularly badly hit because the Taf and Cynin rivers have a flood warning and St Clears floods if somebody spits their drink out in one of the beer gardens.... so I think they are in for a bad time...... We are already cut off at our T-Junction and Meidrim is probably out as well....Andrea barely made it back from her marathon training session ......that only leaves the back way to Banyfelin left .... mind you if the water reaches our house..... all my readers are dead anyway !!! not that we are high up or anything ;¬)

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