Saturday, 21 November 2009

I've got the unenviable task

Of re-installing Windows XP on my computer.... it's not that XP crashed or got infected with a virus, it's just that I've kept it limping along after many registry repairs and re-installs it was getting a bit ridiculous waiting for it to boot up every time... (we're talking a good 5 minutes here and my computer is no slouch it's just XP had accumulated so much driftwood over the years that it spent most of it's time fighting it's way through it ....) .....The last time I physically installed XP on this hard drive from scratch was about 5 years's since had a new motherboard, new CPU new sound card, and various other new bits and bobs....... so that's not bad going .... I've now got a check-list as to what I need to recover from my backup to bring me back to square one once more....

You simply do not realise what you actually use on a computer until it's gone.... no doubt over the next few weeks I'll have to dip into my offline backup drive to resurrect some utility or the like ....

The only other news of note was that Xbox boy is now Xbox man...... he had a good night last night for his 18th birthday party, we had some friends come over and Andrea's Dad... and a surprise visit from Xbox man's girlfriend...and the wine and beer flowed along with with pretty nice food..... and then today we all went down to the Quayside Restaurant for a slap up meal courtesy of Andrea's father, unfortunately Andrea's mother couldn't make it because she was working, but lots of pictures were taken and Xbox man had his first legal pint !! :) He also got more money for his birthday than he has ever had before..... He's also doing very well at his new job... things are looking up for Xbox-Man !!!

He's off out tonight with his girlfriend and some of his mates, no doubt he is going to paint the town in a rainbow of colours, and knowing Xbox man probably a few pavements as well.... ahhhh well you're only 18 once, you may as well get the liver damage in early while your body can still hack it eh ?

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