Thursday, 8 November 2007

Another day......well it follows really

it's getting quite hard to spend any time with the new kid on the block, no sooner do I get her in my arms at home than somebody else is nagging me to hold her, but I did have a little snooze with her in bed this morning which was nice while Andrea woke up the older tribe members, she is getting more demanding now at two weeks old, I do feel sorry for Andrea being disturbed by her through the night but there isn't a lot I can do about it really...... not being equipped to meet her needs so to speak.....

I will be able to help a lot more once her reliance on "booby juice" lessens, she doesn't have many needs at the moment, a cuddle, warmth, food and a dry nappy and she seems to be happy :)

I'm working again this weekend :( same place.....sigh..... apparently they have a network problem, but I'm not convinced to be honest I shall see when I get there, either way I don't like working weekends it makes you feel as if you haven't had a break

My best mate Chris is "hopefully" coming down either after Christmas or before on the train, but that's another story, nothing has been finalised yet, it will be nice to see him it's been ages or seems it, hopefully Donna his long suffering wife will come too to coo and ahh over the baby, while Chris and I put the world to rights on the decking........again (providing it's not sub zero out there).... I do miss the pair of them to be honest we always have a laugh when we are together......well I do, I can't remember if they do or not ;¬)

anyway I'm just waiting for the off here at work, all systems are go green lights everywhere.....and relax .............

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