Sunday, 4 November 2007

New Keyboard purchased

My blog should be easier to read now ;¬)

I considered waiting until I could place an order with my supplier, but with their delivery charges sky rocketing to a whole £8.75 per order it kind of makes a mockery of buying a £6 Cherry keyboard...........which happen to be my favourite keyboards probably because I have never had one back as faulty in all the years I have been supplying them, notwithstanding being doused in wine or another similar fluid....

I thought I had a few spare keyboards in the shed but I used the last new one on my stepdaughters ubuntu linux computer, anyway it wasn't until I inspected them that I noticed an axe had been put through them, needless to say they didn't fair very well from the encounter, and I have a feeling it won't be covered by any warranty

So off I went to Carmarthen's PC-World much as I hate ANY PC-World, because they are over priced and in the same line of business as me, after I waltzed in through the swishy doors my eyes came to rest on their keyboard offerings, from a basic PC-Line £8.50 keyboard right up to the latest and greatest from Microsoft for £149 !!! the only difference between the really cheap keyboard and the really ridiculously expensive one was

A) Microsoft Logo
B) Wireless

you could apparently set it to display one of several alternating colours whilst you used it (really useful....not) plus it was ergonomic which is a laugh because if you are taught to type to RSA standard as I was in the Army you soon realise that the whole keyboard layout is wrong for a touch typist in the UK, it would be fine if you were American because they are taught different keys with different fingers....

and seeing as I have no desire to light my face up in a darkened room with various colours or brush my fingers over laser etched key caps while I stroke the nicely embossed Microsoft Logo I plumped for the el cheapo £8.50 PC-Line one, which although isn't as nice as my Cherry keyboards and it only has three lights which are green, it works and at least allows me to use the S and W key, which is a definite improvement on my wine sozzled Cherry

that said it's been a lovely relaxing weekend, nothing stressy happened, kids have been well behaved, no riots or glassing's or fist fights, Freya managed to sleep through a rather noisy game of "Cranium" last night which we played and eventually lost interest, but that could have been all the Rioja we sank, some of which ended up in my keyboard :) and no we were not falling over drunk, just a little merry ... :) I even had time to dismantle and clean my rifle in the evening, which I am pleased to announce is now managing a 5cm grouping at 60 yards it's amazing what a bit of TLC does, which reminds me I must get the shock absorbers done on the Jeep soon

apparently there is a huge firework display in Carmarthen tomorrow, I may well attend it's been ages since I have seen a good firework display, I'll be dragged into taxi work for the kids anyway :)

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