Sunday, 18 November 2007

Finally a bit of weekend to myself :)

The Saturday consultancy went well, rather than have to reinstall the whole Windows 2003 server I opted for a hidden away utility on the server called DCGPOfix.exe which is a last ditch effort to save the default domain policy from being cast away into the ether with a fresh install, I held my breath after Microsoft warned me several times of the severity of my actions, and at the last prompt of "are you really really really definitely sure you want to do this heinous action ?" I said "Y"

it went away and did it's stuff all of two seconds work and I rebooted the server with baited breath as I started collecting the CD's together for the inevitable reinstall of the server operating system (not that I have any faith in anything Microsoft or anything) .........anyway it booted up and low and behold something that Microsoft made ACTUALLY worked !!! I checked all the workstations and applied the group policy and voilĂ  all was well with the world and I breathed a sigh of relief, I promptly did a domain policy backup and secreted it away on the server in some dark corner just in case it needed to be brought out again and restored in anger, and swore at the software company that had dared to dabble in the default domain policy with the expertise of a colour blind American Gunnery Sgt giving a fire mission on blue targets......incomingggggg !!!!!

Anyway I packed up my stuff and left feeling quite chuffed with myself for not having to spend the next 7 hours there re-doing what had been done before because of some idiot who thought he knew better....(stick to Lego you'll have a higher success rate and do less damage)

Freya kept us up last night or should I say she mainly kept Andrea up, but it's hard to be angry with such a gorgeous girl..........she even has a dimple !!! regardless of dimple we are both quite tired....

I'm off to London this afternoon for a 9am start in the big smoke, not really looking forward to it, but it has to be done, meanwhile I can smell the roast dinner smells delicious... it makes me want to go to London even less !!! actually it's Surrey but it's close enough to the M25 to qualify as London

there probably won't be anything on this blog for the next two days, you'll have to find some other drivel to read ;¬)

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