Thursday, 15 November 2007

When does it end ?

I've had enough now....(well nearly)..... I didn't get much sleep on the day I drove back from Deeside, last night Freya kept us awake on the hour every hour with the accuracy of a digital clock, three of the team are off, two of them with the dreaded lurgy and one on holiday, so that leaves two of us manning support, with an ever increasing call queue mounting up, on top of that my IT skills are booked this Saturday probably ALL day, and on Sunday I drive to London for a two day course...... ohhh to just flop in front of the TV and relax and have nothing to do.....or less......I'd settle for less right now

other than that life seems to be ticking along nicely if a bit busy of late

the only other fly in the ointment is the BT call barring, which after Andrea spoke to India Telecoms Group as they are known in our house, actually it's much less flattering than that but lets not go there, she was told that I apparently had to give them a 4 digit PIN, which they never asked for when I set it up, so consequently we still cannot make anything other than local calls or calls within a 35 mile radius until the PIN, which I apparently told them arrives at the house via snail mail, and that could take 7 to 10 days..... if it goes on much longer I'll just have to ring them up and tell them to remove it, although knowing them I'll probably have to use the PIN I didn't tell them to do it

My stepdaughter did make me laugh last night, she was complaining she couldn't ring any of her friends because her phone credit/contract had been used up for this month and the home phone had call barring on it, (duhhhhh precisely.....) I think she thought the bill hadn't been paid, but I assured her it had...albeit grudgingly, besides it's on a direct debit straight from my bank account, I explained that she was quite welcome to ring her friends on their land lines but that I'm afraid wasn't good we gave her the option of having call barring taken off and at the end of the month and all the calls she makes and anybody else in the house to their friends on their mobiles taken out of their pocket money, she opted of course for the call barring to be taken off..... then the penny dropped rather dramatically that she wouldn't have very much pocket money to spend if we were paying out £75 on calls, 65% of which were calls to mobiles..... maybe the realisation that the land line isn't free especially to mobiles is finally being brought home to them, in fact I wouldn't mind one bit if any of the kids chatted to their friends for as long as they liked (because it's free) as long as there was a copper wire between them and not AIR !!!... although to be fair I have a feeling this months inflated phone bill was down to the Xbox recluse, I would much rather spend the money on the kids that gave them some benefit than hours of endless wittering about who is going out with who, and how so and so dumped X, and wasn't it really really funny......not....

They both have mobiles and when the credit runs out on them "we" and it's very much a "we" and not a "me" do not expect them to start running up the land line bill, I expect it will end in tears of some sort..... but they don't cost anything ......thankfully

Mr Grumpy, Tired, Knackered and most definitely right :)

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