Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I made it back from Deeside.....eventually

I left there at about half past midnight, I tried a Travelodge near Wrexham on the way back but it was full, so I was kind of committed to driving myself home really.... down the not very straight A483 right through the centre of Wales, anyway the first pit stop I stoked up on food (well it could be loosely called that I suppose) and Red Bull and started my bleary eyed drive back home after my 2 day shift up north, I had the mother of all headaches from not eating since breakfast which was made worse by the Red Bull when it hit the spot, but the sugar rush was brilliant !!! anyway it was that or fall asleep and drive over a ravine.... as it turned out I avoided the many ravines and I now fully understand why my first daughter Emma used to throw up on the way to see my parents who live in South Wales when we lived in Leeds (another grim place) I don't think it has an entire straight piece of road on it !! it does make it considerably worse if you have Red Bull and an anaemic chicken and mushroom slice swilling about in your stomach

the only drama on the drive back was me managing to smack a pheasant into the afterlife with my pool car.....You have no idea how many feathers a pheasant has I can assure you it's lots !!! and if you're partial to pheasant there is a ready plucked and tenderised one done a la Diesel Vauxhall Vectra Estate just about 2 miles north of Newtown lying in a ditch.... thankfully there was no damage to the car....after I wiped the copious amounts of pheasant bits off the front air dam I breathed a sigh of relief.....pheasant's are quite probably THE most stupid bird on the planet only slightly above that of a Dodo in the intelligence department....."what are those bright lights coming towards me......ohhhhh pretty lights...lovely prett....SMACK"

the only other news is that my darling wife has panned in the back of the beloved Terrano, it's not much damage looks a lot worse than it is, she thought I was going to go ballistic about it, but it's only a car there are more important things in being happy :) ..... which I am.... if a little tired these days

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