Monday, 26 November 2007

I've given in

Yup, I have shopped around enough for shock absorbers for the Jeep, with prices varying from the sublime to the completely ridiculous £30 each is the final price I have settled on, the Nissan garage in Cross hands where I bought the Jeep wanted £86 each plus fitting !!! plus I've just put two new tyres on the front @ £67 each + VAT and considering the last pair only lasted 8 months, it is time to bite the bullet.....

It was a friend who told me about "Milner Off Road" based in Derbyshire, they specialise in all things Japanese and 4x4..... it's the first time I have used them so I will reserve judgement on the quality of the parts, but I've done a bit of research on the net and by all accounts they are pucker !! we shall see :)

The Xbox recluse aka "Master Chief" had his 16th birthday bash at our house over the weekend, he invited all his friends I'm not sure how many were there but a fair selection and a few girls as well so a good mix, we left them to it and besides cleaning up a bit of devastation before we went to bed, it went well or "Legendary" as he put it.... and no dead bodies to sweep up the next morning so that was a relief

Freya seems to be growing up so quickly she has quite a character already.....and a killer smile :)

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