Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Teenagers and mobile phones Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

We got our phone bill through for this month and it's £75 !!! it jumped from an average of £35 - £39 to £75 in a month !!!.... so after I picked myself up off the floor and finished breathing into my handy brown paper bag to avoid hyperventilation, I discovered that over 68% of the calls were to mobile numbers, now the kids had been told in no uncertain terms that mobile numbers were a complete no no, except to their father and only then when he wasn't near a land line or in a complete emergency like one of the kids arms had accidentally been cut off by a passing headless horseman because the phone bill was spiralling out of control.....yes they agreed nodding in unison......information in one ear ....dribbling out of the other....(can we go now?)

but to no avail they still use the land line like it's a 1980's CB radio.... to be picked up whenever they feel like it, to call whomever they like for as long as they like, or to try ringing the same mobile number over and over oblivious to the fact that it cost's £0.25p a shot to "try" and connect them, I have no idea what they are doing because most of the calls last for less than 5 seconds but cost more to connect than the actual cost of the call, and there are loads of them, I did have a handy stick I could shake at the phone bill but it snapped through over use, I'll have to use the one I shake at the electric bill and immersion heater now, but even that one is starting to show signs of imminent failure.....sighhhhhh

anyway after telling them, warning them, telling them again to stop it or I'll tell them to stop again.....the big guns have been wheeled out......as of tomorrow all national, international and mobile numbers are call barred on the home phone, unless the pin number is put in first, so now they have more chance of being hit by a 1970's American spy satellite in a decaying orbit than finding out what the pin is during their lifetime, and if it's not available it can't be abused...

The only other option is to bury them under the patio....but that's illegal apparently so I'll give it a miss......plus we don't have a patio anyway ;¬)

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