Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Shocked !!! to say the least

My brand new shock absorbers arrived the next day delivered by a Godzilla of a woman, it wasn't until she got to within five feet of me I realised it was a woman !!! (in fact I'm not convinced she was a woman, he might have had moobs ) I'm also doing the anti roll bar as well so Saturday so should be fun....up to my eyeballs in grease and grime down an inspection pit.....Joy

but it's got to be done I'm not forking out ANOTHER £70 per tyre eight months down the line

I've not heard anything back from the Child Deprivation Agency, but you watch they'll turn up with the bailiffs demanding I sell my step children to support my biological ones....(hmmmm how many sheckles do you get for kids these days ?) .....

anyway nothing exciting to report it's much of a muchness these days, the only thing of note was that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have put me on an emergency tax code, which is an improvement on being dead I suppose.... it's getting expensive to live in this country what with fuel tax, VAT, tax, more tax and then some guessed it TAX.

I saw on the news they are taxing pigeon fanciers but not trampolinist's or arm wrestlers ? go figure !!! they'll get you in the end mark my words (window tax next.....again.... !!!).... I'm seriously hoping the hauliers start blockading the fuel refineries.....I'd do it myself but I don't think a Peugot 205 XL 1.1 litre or a Nissan Terrano (low slung version) is much of a threat to them to be honest, but if they do..... lets see how long it takes for price to drop......which reminds me I must get a quote on heating's all happening

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