Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well it's legal now

We took Freya to the registrars this morning to write her name in stone, gone are the days the registrar dipped their quill into the inkwell it's all computers these days, endless tapping away at keyboards and eventually printed out through a HP laserjet 6.... how romantic ! and all for £3.50 at least the government hasn't jumped on the idea that you have to be born if all goes as planned and charge accordingly for it ......yet.... mind you they do fine you £750 if you don't register a birth within 6 weeks, so maybe they have covered all bases ?

nothing much happening at work I'm trying to unravel a previous colleagues enterprise installation of Mcafee Antivirus, there is no documentation and with 170 file servers (ish) it's getting a bit difficult tracking down which server is looking to which update server and which mirror repository is actually the real one, it's a pile of spaghetti really with no logical start or end.... But I'm half way through it and it keeps me busy through the times the rest of the LAN team aren't running around with their hair on fire fire fighting the latest disaster, it's a bit disconcerting realising that I am the only one on the team with any in-depth Netware knowledge left, if something catastrophic happens and I'm not here, a minor disaster could turn into a complete meltdown.... but they are looking for another member to join us, thankfully most of the servers are well behaved and I keep an eye on them and nail things before they become too serious

as for home life, things are settled other than the xbox recluse has a tidying ban on his room, and until he pulls his weight a bit his bedroom remains a no go zone for Andrea, his bedroom is a tip, mainly because he spends 95% of his free time on his Xbox or the computer....but he is going to learn the hard way it seems, the only person to give way on this will be the wannabe "master chief" because Andrea isn't lifting a finger until he does his bit, all of the other kids help to varying degrees except him

death or glory....... ;¬)

(she'll win she has toughened up a lot these last few years, and if the kids get away with's because we let them....)

and hopefully this new addition to the family won't like that devils food "Macdonalds" ....... there I said it

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