Thursday, 29 November 2007

Freya the incredible sleeping baby

Fingers crossed we have sussed why she has been waking up through the night, Andrea put her in one of those grow bag things they are a bit like a sleeping bag but with arms.... she only woke up once I think and Andrea got a full FIVE hours sleep last night....!!! we think it's because she wriggles in her sleep (Freya not Andrea) and eventually she is so far out from under her duvet she wakes up cold, but last night seemed to work :)

she ended up on my chest again this morning face down and to the side sprawled out like a drowning victim in a starfish pose, I only put her there because she was whinging laying next to me, as soon as she was on my chest she was off to lah lah land again, with the cutest little baby snore....that's mah gurl !!! ;¬)

Work is going ok, it's a bit hectic of late but at least I'm not sitting here bored to death, I'm off to a safety at work induction early December apparently it's so I can be let loose on the various sites we look after around the whiteboards and obvious statements like "walk don't run, don't trip over and if you have to wear a suicide vest to work then please detonate it in the wilderness of Cumbria to avoid injuring others" type of thing, ah well it's only a two day course and at least I don't have to stay in a cloned hotel chain bedroom watching only one out of the four channels available because the rest look like they have been filmed in Norway during a blizzard......home comforts go a long way :)

and I've just got a quote for heating oil 1500 litres is going to dent the bank balance to the tune of £651.89, I wish the Americans would get the hell out of Iraq, so I can turn the heating up a bit ;¬)

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