Thursday, 22 November 2007

let the battle commence.....

Well the CSA have excelled themselves, as the behemoth of wasted tax payers money lumbers into view waving bits of funny coloured paper at me dragging their club in the dirt with a nail sticking out of it....whilst dribbling drool from their fat lip..... not only have they not acknowledged my appeal which was lodged quite a few weeks ago, they have sent a threatening letter stating all the amazing superpowers they will unleash on me to extract payment from me, I think it's a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing to be honest with you, a bit like a dinosaur but with fewer brain cells, so I have attached my two previous letters stating that I am appealing yet again, and the reason why I haven't paid my first instalment because I'm APPEALING (you idiots!!!) .....duhhhhhh...... if they want bureaucracy they can have much as they like in triplicate and by the spadeful.....I must upgrade my printer to 60 pages a minute at some point

Don't get me wrong I'm not against paying child maintenance one little bit, now that I have a salary it's only right and proper, but I don't like being treated like some bottomless money pit they think they can dip into whenever they like when I get nothing in return .....not even a receipt !!! this would have been far simpler if my ex wife had encouraged OUR children to keep in contact with me, and have some level of communication going, instead now there is this vast chasm of unfamiliarity between me and my children, and I am beginning to doubt we will ever meet up again, which is very sad because the person I was with my ex is not the person I am now, DJB is BACK !! and he has been away a long time.....lets face it if you eat something bad it makes you feel sick.....and 22 years of feeling sick would even alter the Popes sense of humour (if he has one)... besides if there was some human element or reason for this demand for payment I would have a completely different outlook on it, my wife's ex can see his children whenever he likes, he rings them and talks to them....there are no limits put on the contact he has or that they have with him..... if only my old tarnished ex wife was as "normal" as my new shiny wife..... ohh look a full squadron of flying pigs above !!! ;¬)

on a slightly brighter note, Freya is starting to smile not bad for a month old !! it's definitely not wind, and she hasn't quite mastered it yet, but she definitely does it in response to something that tickles her sense of humour......she definitely takes after her Dad she can sneeze and fart at the same time ;¬)

The jeep is going in to have yet another two tyres fitted to the front tomorrow morning it's chewing them faster than Preseli Tyres can fit them, but as of yet I haven't found a sensible person with sensible prices for the shock absorbers.... and considering it's going to cost more than I paid for the other car it's not happening just yet......besides we have other expenses like heating oil, enormous phone bills and two teenagers who seem to eat more than a sumo tag wrestling team........then there is Christmas...... lets not go there just yet, I know it's coming but if I just put this duvet over my head I might just miss it !!!

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