Friday, 22 February 2008

and here we are again......

It's Friday and nearly the weekend, this week has been pure hell, Citrix thin client servers dropping like flies, it's all been centred around a long awaited Lotus Notes 7 upgrade from version 5, which happened over two weeks ago now, but ever since we have had terrible problems and the call queues have been enormous....and it's not been an easy one to track down what with servers refusing to reboot every night and just sitting there like room heaters until they are kicked back into life, plus it hasn't been consistent either they have been refusing to let people login, or they have printing problems or notes refuses to load....the list is after the other

Anyway today I think I got to the bottom of it, only time will tell when we implement the changes on Monday next week, but I'm 95% certain it's the fix we have been searching for, I found out that Lotus Notes has two clients in it's MSI installer stub, and it installs either a multiuser client or a single user client, depending on what you answer when you install would think "logically" that in a terminal services environment with lots of users that the "correct" install to use would be multi user..... right ???

WRONG.... Lotus Notes 7 is not terminal services aware, after digging through countless redbook technotes on the amazingly complex IBM notes support website...... bizarre I know in this day and age, so anyway our users have been using the wrong client causing mayhem over this two week period, looking at the two versions they are identical in file size and version numbers, but they have different MD5 checksums, which means they ARE different code wise, we shall see on Tuesday after they have been re-installed and rebooted if the problem has been solved or not :)

as for this weekend, I don't have anything in particular planned, we are going over to my parents to shuffle some furniture around that's too heavy for my father on his own to move and to see them of course :) and other than the tail end of this bloody awful cough I've had, things are ok :) if a little stressful work wise :(

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