Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Peugeot 205 is done......

I picked up a complete set of front pads for the front brakes from Halfords for a grand total of £14.99 :¬)

it only took me just over an hour to fit both sides, and that was with the drivers side caliper being practically welded together, I just freed them up and coated the caliper slide tubes with copper grease and put it all back together, it was a breeze.... the Pug now brakes in a straight line and all worrying jabbering has disappeared, it just smelt of burning brake lining for a while but that soon cleared... so job done :¬)

it's a pretty easy car to do any jobs on looking back, although mid taking the bearings out I probably had a different view on it !! the only thing I have to sort out now is the small oil leak from somewhere from the top of the engine which is painting the interior of the engine compartment with the help of the alternator, it's not very much but still......looking on the bright side there is very little rust and neither will there be !!

We've had a quiet weekend really it's been really nice, I only had the brakes hanging over me really and I knew they would be easy to sort out..... ahhhh well back to work tomorrow, I wonder what delights I have in thing I know they certainly aren't paying me enough for what I do....

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