Wednesday, 20 February 2008

back at work today :(

wishing I hadn't come, I still feel awful.... I think I underestimated my "wellness" this morning.... and that's coupled with a late shift so I won't be finishing here until 6pm so double :( :(

looking on the bright side it's been quiet today at work so my brain isn't fried with the phone going constantly, just mainly project work finding out if particular software works in a given environment, crashingly boring work but it pays the bills as they say...

we have started sitting down and having breakfast together.... and it's working well so far all very civilised croissants and tea with Freya residing at the end of the table sat in her "bumbo" looking like Buddha and every now and again throwing up on her bib and vocalising her presence..... all very domesticated but nice :)

I slept downstairs again last night because no sooner had I put my head on the pillow I was coughing away again, except this time I didn't hang around hoping it would stop, I removed myself to my now familiar sofa and propped my head up and was off to sleep in no time, I don't think more pillows would help I think it's more to do with the way my head is jarred upwards that stops me coughing, anyway I woke up this morning having had at least a few hours sleep.

to be honest I can't wait until the weekend it's not much fun feeling this bad and working.....only another 40 minutes to kill before my 45 minute drive back home the dark... I think I will melt myself in a hot radox bath tonight and see if that helps

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