Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The upgrade worked !!

Well that's enough about work, we had a mishap on Monday, somebody left the interior lights on in the Jeep over the weekend consequently the battery was flat by Monday morning, I couldn't leave Andrea high and dry with the kids and school etc, even though they were probably wishing I would ;¬) I was on the early shift, I threw caution to the wind warned work I was going to be late in and I whipped out the jump leads, needless to say the Peugeot's puny battery and alternator did not like being plugged into the equivalent of Battersea power station in jump start world....and I dread to think how many amps were flowing down those jump leads, anyway I left it running for a good 20 minutes tried to turn over the Jeep and it barely turned over the starter motor........"oh dear" I thought ......

so I retired to the kitchen observing both cars with bonnets up for any signs of smoke or burning whilst sipping yet another coffee and after another 15 minutes I tried again except this time utilizing my wife's foot on the peugeot's accelerator.....the Jeep sprang to life !!! and I made my exit off to work

it was a pretty hectic day in work that day, I came home knackered yet again, it's not that it's hard physical labour, it does however take a lot of grey cell work, and I really must cut down on my coffee intake !!!

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