Monday, 11 February 2008

Freya Brabrook to replace Connie Fisher world exclusive

Exclusive pictures obtained today confirming that Freya Brabrook is to star in the sound of music in the west end, our paparazzi photographer caught the exact moment she was told by Andrew Lloyd Webber of her success at the auditions

Freya stated that the surprise appointment would not change her in any way and she would continue singing in her chair as she dribbled profusely and blew raspberries at our reporter, she also exclusively announced that she very nearly has a tooth coming through, but hopes it will be through before her performances start in late August 2008 she also announced that she has started a regime of dancersize in her bouncy chair and has requested to be strapped in every day in order to get fit for the role, it was reported by her parents that she was laughing out loud the other night at gone 3am, obviously delighted at her new found career, and was telling her blue and black Zebra with goggle eyes all about her new role, we wish her luck in her new career and will keep tabs on her progress

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