Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The CSA have really excelled themselves

They have made their judgement and it's £50 a week with the grand total of a £17 allowance for the FOUR children that we/I provide for, so my two estranged daughters get £25 per week and I have £17 a week to share between four others.........hmmmmmm somebody at the CSA is worse at mathematics than I am !!!

it just goes to show that this government and previous ones before do nothing to encourage the average person on the street to be honest about themselves, I had to provide the names and birth dates of all the children resident with me and my earnings with attached proof, which I duly sent off, mainly because if I didn't then they would slap a £1000 fine on me, I've been reading some right horror stories on the web about NRP's as they are called (non resident parents) and how they are hounded by the CSA, in some cases when a deduction of earnings has been issued it has left the NRP with practically nothing to live on and it forces them to leave work so they fall below the threshold, keeping them in poverty... but it doesn't stop there, apparently the CSA can prosecute for deliberately reducing your earnings to avoid payments....CAUSED BY THEM !!!

So somehow I have to find £290.80 a month extra from somewhere !!! I know it doesn't add up but apparently they are asking for back payments as well since the year dot

I honestly do not know what we are going to do, I originally appealed because the first amount I considered way too much for us to pay with our current outgoings, but after appeal they have actually upped the payment !!!!

Ah well just another debt to add I guess.....the only legal thing I can do is appeal again, because we simply cannot afford it....end of

I've just done a calculation and our current outgoings which cannot be trimmed down because they are essential, means we would effectively be spending over £500 a month more than I actually earn, we were just keeping our heads above water before the CSA got it's snout in the trough.... so at that rate my bank would shut me down in ohhhhhh ....about 2 months, I have no option other than to fight the CSA..... or give up work, it seems the CSA only see what your take home pay is they assume they can work a percentage out on that, like it's easy money for them......they don't take into account your own living expenses, one thing I am damn sure of ....I am not letting any of my step kids or Freya suffer because of this..... (they are at least glad to see me on a daily basis)

HOW CAN IT COST £25 a week for each of my estranged daughters whom I don't even get to see....... and yet £17 a week for FOUR children !!! that's £4.25 each a week !!!! £25 EACH !!! my daughters never cost that much when I lived with them ......suddenly got expensive did they ? what a load of bureaucratic ill advised, completely back to front drivel

They are living in cloud cuckoo land .....I really want to swear but what's the point eh ?

now where is that brochure for Canada .......(kidding)

but the gloves are off ;¬)

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