Friday, 8 February 2008

My weekend is booked

I'm ripping off the other bearing this weekend.....Joy!!! my blog is beginning to look like a Haynes manual these days, I guess that's down to not being able to afford to pay a proper mechanic to do the work, but four kids and a Labrador don't come cheap these days, it doesn't help with liquid gold....sorry petrol being the price it is these days, and diesel being even more expensive, mind you at least with the utility companies putting up the price of energy by an average of 20% the rest of the UK is falling in line with what it costs to fill up a heating oil tank these days :¬) so we are all slowly getting into the same boat, quite a few people are feeling the pinch these days, we have less and less spending money, most of it taken as some form of taxation and making sure all the bills are paid and there is food on the table and the house is warm and the kids have everything they need is becoming a bit of a challenge these days, it seems you just get your head above the water then another big wave comes and puts you back where you started

which brings me nicely to my next pet subject.....I'm just waiting on the CSA's calculation, whatever it is it's going to hit us hard, but it's the law and you have to abide by the law, I can't say I'm pleased by it, just resigned to the fact that there will be less to go around, we will manage somehow, we have to, I just think it's wrong that I have to pay for children I don't see, who have in effect disowned me, but obviously not any hard earned money I have in my pocket, they are quite willing to take as much as I can afford to give and probably more, but that's my ex all over, she never was shy taking money off strangers, and the less work she had to do to get it the better......

makes you want to run away to St Tropez...... some things never change..... ;¬)

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