Saturday, 9 February 2008

First off my wrist is knackered

Mainly because of this lil sucker on the left, the lower ball joint was refusing to come out, but did eventually I took it off to my local garage to get the bearing pressed out, I had to do it myself in the end because Ron was too busy with MOT's and it only took half an hour, the circlip was almost impossible to get out, but I eventually persuaded it out ....and that's when my wrist went "Twannnnggggg" I think I have stretched a tendon it's very sore.... anyway I bunged Ron a tenner for using his bearing press which is an impressive beast and makes bearing removal and fitting a breeze at 50 tons :) and so it should be at that pressure ....
I was on my way home when Andrea rang to pick her up from town she was in there shopping for the wedding we are off to in March, so I had to turn around and do the family taxi bit, I was itching to get the hub fitted back on the car.... but it had to wait.....:(

and as you can see I had to leave the driveshaft just hanging there until I got back, I really should have tied it up to the strut but I didn't which turned out to be a bit of a mistake because when I did get back into the workshop I jiggled it out of the way and it came out of the transmission unit to my horror !!!! and as you can see on the floor dumped a pool of transmission oil all over the place, I hastily stuffed it back in and breathed a sigh of relief as the oil flow stopped.....

I then had the task of fitting it all back together with a knackered wrist, you would have laughed at the pitiful cries that came out of that workshop as I kept forgetting that I had hurt my wrist, anyway eventually I got it back on with Andrea's help she did up the only nut I wasn't able to tighten on the lower ball joint because of my wrist..... so if the wheel falls off it's her fault ;¬)

and as you can see it's all back on as it should be albeit with a small slick of TU oil all over the place, but I took it for a test drive and I am pleased to say that the Dresden bombing raid is over, and the all clear has been sounded :) furthermore you actually have to brake when you are going downhill because it freewheels once more and actually picks up speed alarmingly so !! I went up the dual carriageway towards Carmarthen and took it up to 70 mph ;¬) ....... huh hummm and nothing fell off or sounded bad so I guess it's been fixed :¬)

I'm taking the Jeep to work on Monday to pick up a kitchen table and 6 chairs we got off Ebay for £25 because the kitchen is crying out for a table, but it also means I have to fit our Metric sized dishwasher into our imperial sized kitchen unit
now where did I leave that hammer ?

Update :- I managed to fit the metric dishwasher into the imperial hole, by a cunning combination of brute force and my left hip administered in a crouching position will never come out again so if it springs a leak it will just have to be cut out with a reciprocating saw and plastic explosive ;¬)

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