Wednesday, 6 February 2008

bearing in mind

excuse the pun :)

I had to take a day off work today, last night the pug started to sound like a bombing raid over Dresden circa 1945 just as I got past Pont Abraham services, followed by a rather worrying burning smell...... yes the noisy bearing had decided to rotate it's last wheel, or very nearly, I limped home and was glad to drive into our homestead....

Anyway early this morning I started on removing the hub which didn't take very much time at all really, but once confronted with the offending bearing I gave up all hope of doing it myself, for a start the vice I had didn't open wide enough to take the hub in order for me to press the bearings out, and I didn't have a pair of circlip pliers big enough to remove the circlip..... so off I went to my local Garage up in Pwll Trap who are very reasonable, they have a 40 ton bearing press and even that struggled to push them out, the mechanic that was doing it was even nervous explaining that if the pressure got too much the hub would simply explode due the the enormous forces being laid upon it :( ..... I retreated and crossed my fingers

anyway it eventually came out but left the outer race in situ, that was dispatched with a suitably sized socket and the new bearing pressed in within minutes ..... and all for £10 which I was pleased about :)

I didn't even attempt to start on the other side as it was getting on in the day and I couldn't afford to be without transport tomorrow for work, All I'm waiting for now is for my step daughter to finish her netball practice so I can go pick her up and once I get back I'm sinking into a nice hot bath :)

the windscreen washer works now as well only one bearing to go and it's Thunderbirds are go......once again ;¬)

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