Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Damn !!!

I now have two bayonets on the way I won both of them, never mind one of them can go back on ebay I should get back what I paid for it......hopefully..... I did suggest that I could take up knife juggling as a hobby or knife throwing although who I'm going to persuade to stand against the door I have no idea ;¬)

Freya has been an absolute moose today apparently, she seems to have really really good days followed by really really bad days....hopefully the cycle will just settle to really really good days all the time....but I'm not holding my breath neither is Andrea

well we have practically all the presents lined up...... again I can't go into detail for obvious reasons but they are nice :) and my step daughter has really bad tonsils and really isn't feeling well, she was sent to bed this evening .... but will she take anything ???? I dunno.....teenagers

the only other thing of note is that the xbox recluse has suffered the ultimate humiliation or the "ring of death" on his xbox 360 whatever that is, apparently it's terminal (or should that be console....geddit ?) and the xbox has to go back to microshaft to be replaced, his father has the receipts apparently because they didn't arrive last year when he said he was sending them so who knows where they are either way bandwidth on the broadband is definitely a lot perkier since the "ring of death" arrived ;¬) we might even get a full sentence out of him if he stays away from it long enough

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