Thursday, 6 December 2007

Health and Safety.......

Quite possibly the driest subject on the planet probably even drier than the Gobi desert in the middle of a heatwave, as courses go, but I need to do it so I can have my passport to safety which will allow me onto various sites around the country and show anybody that's interested that I can indeed breath unaided and don't feel the need to throw myself into fast moving machinery by accident or suffer horrendous crush injuries by standing behind fork lift trucks or lorries whilst they reverse, or in fact try to drink molten metal........ and I won't even go into how dangerous ladders are, and that indeed falling from height is hazardous to your health...(actually that isn't technically are fine while you are falling, it's the stopping that causes the injury ;¬) )

I know it's a case of dotting the I's and crossing the T's from a corporate point of view.........but I would still rather stick pins in my eyeballs than have to sit through another day of flowcharts, consequences and responsibility chains.......which reminds me I have to go back tomorrow for day two of the course and be presented with my "Safety Passport".......looking on the bright side they do a fabulous lunch and even provide tea and coffee with some indescribable biscuits but it really isn't good enough where did I put those pins looks like I am going to need them ???