Sunday, 9 December 2007

We are in Wales know

and that explains why the river at the bottom of our field is flowing to it's brim and had in some places burst it banks, you don't really appreciate it unless you have seen it in summer running normally a babbling lovely river, put it this way if I went to fish right now where I did this summer it would be a good foot over my head and not even my waterproof gear would stop me getting wet.......probably still wouldn't catch any fish and drowning would be a high probability ;¬)

Well the Christmas buying frenzy has started in our house, I can't say what has been bought because certain people in this household read this blog from time to time..... I've put my foot down a bit though, I don't see the point in buy tat that will be used once and then take up a corner in the house until it's thrown out.......we are going for functional presents this year, something they will appreciate and hopefully get "some" use out of, (well bar one which I suspect will be used once then never used again.....) we have decided not to buy each other presents, it's a bit pointless neither of us have any clue what to get the other and we have practically everything we need or want anyway....(I did hint at an Aston Martin DB9....but I'm not holding my breath) plus it saves us money something which there is precious little of at the moment, I tell you Christmas comes along at the worst time of the year, it always has ;¬)

I've also been tubed for the worst possible dog shifts over Christmas, and that's because I wasn't entitled to paternity leave so had to take my holiday instead....hopefully it will be quiet.... we will be down to a two man team.....and yes you've guessed it I'm one of them :(

nothing much else to report, Freya is coming along leaps and bounds, sometimes she is a sweet smiley girl sometimes a witch in a growbag.....pretty normal stuff really :)

Andrea's parents are coming down soon to do the Christmas drop and I believe they are staying over for the night, not sure..........they are most welcome as usual......I had best stock up on the Rioja for Dorothy and the cheap french beer for Roger.....he could have ANYTHING but apparently he likes the cheap french beer.....there is no accounting for taste

We have also decided to NOT have turkey for Christmas dinner this year as to what we ARE having I don't know yet, I do know it doesn't include any kind of stuffing chestnut or otherwise


Luis Majarena said...

congratulations from Aragón.

Digamy said...

I don't know what you are congratulating me about but whatever it was ..thank you ;¬)

(maybe he wants to live in darkest wet Wales ?)