Monday, 10 December 2007

Fuel Protests are revving up ;¬)

As you may or may not know the group which were responsible for the 2000 fuel protests are back, and I've got to admit I'm with them on this.......although I can't see me chaining myself to the running board of my 4x4 or pop riveting myself to my bonnet, the last protests caused havoc in the UK I think this time around with the police and the powers they have now, anybody carrying a Nike sports bag can be jumped on and arrested for terrorism....I have a feeling it will go well to start with then be blown out like a candle in the suggestion though which I thought was a pretty good one, was to park up outside refineries not unlike a Tesco's car park on a Saturday afternoon (but more organised and orderly) ........have a (sober) nominated key carrier to whisk all the car keys off site and the protesters then get blind drunk so the police can't force you to drive your car off the protest site.....I have to admit it would cause havoc all the cars having to be towed away......

Even better do it in Liverpool or Leeds or Manchester and just wait for all the wheels to be nicked ;¬)

it does make my blood boil how the government keep heaping taxes on drivers in the guise of "green" taxes yet nothing seems to EVER materialise in the shape of

"look we have ploughed all this green tax money into Hydrogen fuel cell development and have developed a Carbon free car which cost's £0.10p a mile to run".......

no instead they want to put up a veritable forest of wind farms along our beautiful coastline where we will end up looking like Blackpool pleasure fact why don't they go the whole hog and paint the blades different colours ?????

wind farms are fine when the wind is blowing but on a flat calm day where it's supposed to provide 60% of our energy ....eventually(.....yeah right)..... what happens then ?....... "sorry you can't have a cup of tea the wind has dropped"

Do you realise that petrol would be £0.19p a litre if the Government (I use the word very loosely) didn't have ANY tax on fuel but that's extremely unlikely they depend so heavily on fuel taxation now to give any meaningful tax cut on fuel would mean the cockle picking industry would collapse (think about it) and the NHS might actually turn a profit

The picture I have used above is based on prices before the recent tax/price hike in most cases fuel is well over £1.00 a litre.....ahhhhh those heady and much cheaper days

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