Monday, 24 December 2007

We've just had the "heads up" on Christmas eve

by the security staff..... Apparently we will all be leaving the building at 3:00pm today so not a full day :) which is a bit of a relief because I have a few things left to do before settling into a full on dose of Christmas spirit :)

Andrea was busily wrapping the last of the Christmas presents last night, I wasn't asked to help because apparently my present wrapping skills are second only to a brain damaged chimpanzee, although I can't see anything wrong with how I wrap presents !!! ....but they come nowhere near the skills of my wife, she does wrap a tidy looking present though complete with bows and everything, mine on the other hand look like they've been wrapped by a fruit and veg merchant at the local market.....but then again I have never seen the point in spending more time than necessary on something that is going to be ripped to shreds in less than a blink of an eye !!! but I suppose it does look nice if it's wrapped properly

we haven't gone over board on presents just one or two main presents the rest are just stocking fillers of varying degrees either way they will all have something nice to open tomorrow, we set a budget for all three of them excluding Freya who won't know what the hell is going on anyway, and we have for the most part stayed within budget

and I got a lovely email this morning from the payroll department apparently they haven't received my expenses yet which I sent well over two weeks ago, I wouldn't mind if it was a small amount but this lot of expenses adds up to £504 which includes the hotel at Woking and Teeside, so I'm not a happy bunny

And speaking of bunnies Andrea or "Frith the bunny slayer" as she is now known managed to mow down a cute lil bunny on the Carmarthen/ St Clears dual carriageway, apparently it hopped out into the road she drove over it hoping it stayed still in terror, but rabbits being rabbits it decided to make a quick exit left back to the safety of the grass verge, unfortunately it didn't factor in the back wheel of the Jeep which as you know rapidly follows the front wheels and this was confirmed to Andrea as she "bumped" over it...... I did ask her if she picked it up for bunny stew but apparently not, but with hindsight it would probably be "bunny" pancake rather than stew after being run over by a two ton jeep with balloon tyres at 60 mph .......

fade to.....

Is it a kind of dream,
Floating out on the tide,
Following the river of death downstream?
Oh, is it a dream?

There's a fog along the horizon,
A strange glow in the sky,
And nobody seems to know where you go,
And what does it mean?
Oh, is it a dream?

(no actually it's a 10 year old two ton Nissan Terrano and this one my son you're going to lose......big style) ;¬)

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