Friday, 14 December 2007

I won something on Ebay !!!

Ok it's not a folding set of deck chairs or a mattress for a babies cot.....or in fact anything pink :)

but it's something I have always wanted it's a bayonet from an SLR (Self Loading Rifle) and ok it's not something you want to be discovered carrying around with you without a damn good reason...and mine is FISHING !!! :)

it has THE sharpest blade I have ever felt on a knife and it's scabbard or frog as it's called sharpens it automatically when you either put it in or take it out :)

it's un-issued so it's never been anywhere it shouldn't.... perish the thought...... you simply couldn't buy a knife like this in the high street, but because it has a collectable nature ie/ military memorabilia it's allowed, it has an 8" blade and makes an excellent cosh to bop the fish from this world into the next :)

and all for £25 !!! plus £3.50 post and packing..... a bargain !!!

just a tad pleased because I won it...... completely by default because I forgot about it and got back to it after the auction ended.....and found I had won it !!!

the last one I saw on ebay went for £65 ...... not that I would spend that much on one....£25 being more than enough

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