Monday, 17 December 2007


I ordered 1000 litres of heating oil early last week and as far as I knew it hadn't turned up, so I sent a snotty email off to the oil company, I get home tonight expressing my disgust at the companies obvious lack of service only to be told by my darling wife that they had delivered it on Friday !!!!

"oooops didn't I tell you ?"

Never mind job done tank topped up everybody warm and toasty for Christmas etc etc

I've been giggling to myself in work today during the enormous slack moments because it's Christmas and nobody seems to care if their computer is working properly......They are all probably out wearing silly hats and drinking far too much to care "another mince pie ?"

anyway to fill in these enormous gaps in an otherwise normally frantic days work......I've been reading a forum for ex service men and one thread in particular caught my eye, it was about Celle in the 80's where I used to be posted and particularly the actual regiment I served in, in fact I'm still reading it there are so many posts relating to that time and place, I'm just reading about an incident when one of our blokes offended a green jacket (different Regiment) and all his mates tried to ram his head through a plate glass window outside the Bierdorf nightclub.....nice" ...... I remembered a lot of what the guys were saying on it, things that happened on exercises etc, personalities, events... you know "ohhhh yeah I remember that" and "do you remember when so and so did that ?" and what are you doing now moments.......etc

but one thing that nearly made me spit my coffee out all over my keyboard was a post referring to my darling of an ex wife who used to work in the seems she is remembered quite fondly (by quite a few).........lets just say there was a lot I didn't actually know about her and what she got up to when I was on exercise.....the most bizarre post was "that honey that used to work in the Naafi who used to empty the bins" and it's definitely her because somebody said "Smike's wife ?"(somebody we both knew)...."no" he said "the other one the dark haired one"....... it was quite hilarious reading through it..... it's true what they say ......beware your sins will find you out (even if it is 26 years later)

ahhhhh happy days................... :)

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