Sunday, 2 December 2007

My 100th post and to specially mark this wonderful anniversary.....

I have snapped a back molar !!! not on a toffee, or even a hard boiled sweet......but a piece of toast !!!

if you have been reading my blog you will recall I had a rather harrowing root canal done on a tooth which had been butchered then neglected and finally the ex spetsnatz KGB trained dentist who I was under her expert torture was sent back to Poland to the salt mines in disgrace.....well it's the very same tooth, I bit into a piece of toast transferred it back to my molars on the right side to be seen to......and there was this horrendous ping/ pain just a crack that seemed to resonate inside my skull...that's when I thought that didn't sound quite right for chewing a piece of toast. At first I thought I had something on my piece of toast which had been quite forcefully chewed into submission by my back molars (not the first time I might add) but no luck .....

Ironically I am booked into to see the dentist on Tuesday which was going to be a routine check-up with a scale and buff up with added Vim....again it seems I have lucked out, Andrea tells me half the tooth has cracked off at a sharp angle with the cracked off bit grimly hanging onto my gum which means only one's a deep crack... :( it probably means it will have to come out..... at this rate I'm going to end up looking like bugs bunny or a very bald vampire...

(well if it worked for Nosfuratu it can work for me)ahhhh well they say as you get older bits start falling off

now where did I put that rather fetching toupee I bought off Ebay ?

I'm sore all over, I feel like I have been run over by a battle tank and now my teeth are falling least the jeep can go around corners safely ;¬)

onward and upward...... :)

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