Thursday, 13 December 2007

Dentist today ....... :¬(

I had a very apt appointment time of 2:30pm (tooth hurty.... infantile I know but very apt)
I was scheduled to have two minor fillings and a tooth extraction but when I got there and the dentist eventually called me in 3/4 hour later than my appointed time because he was running very late....... between the both of us we decided not to pull the tooth because the gum had closed over the remaining three quarters of the tooth and the xray looked like he would need semtex to loosen it... anyway he decided to fill one of my front bottom incisors with a white filling it was only a very small filling but that was only after he had emptied very nearly all of his anaesthetic supply into my bottom jaw.... it's 6pm now and my lower jaw still feels like it's been borrowed from a butchers block and it's very bizarre touching my goatee and chin it feels like somebody else's..... anyway I'm a grand total of £39 lighter for one filling I probably had six times that in anaesthetic !!!

Apparently if I had one or all of my teeth filled in one session it would still be £39 so sort of buy one get all of em done free - ish... it was very painful, he said it's probably THE most difficult tooth to numb, in the end I just said carry on rather than pump me full of more anaesthetic.... he had to stop anyway it was starting to leak out of my ears......anyway I endured raw agony for 5 minutes as he reamed out the previous filling....all I can remember about the encounter is him saying "sorry hurting" in his broken guess is he was thrown out of the Nazi party for cruelty ;¬)

anyway changing the subject slightly......apparently there was a bad crash on the M4 this morning, two cars had had a minor bump and pulled over to the hard shoulder to inspect the damage and exchange details and some lorry driver had ploughed into the back of them, either way the M4 was closed while they picked the bits up, the M4 recently seems to have at least one bad smash a week these days.....mad..... I caught the news just as I was leaving for work.......I dutifully punched in "avoid M4" into my GPS and it took me the exact same way everybody else was being guided by their GPS's, it's quite comical actually as I looked up the row of cars stuck at the same set of lights as me all indicating the same direction, and they all had their GPS on and they all went exactly the same way as I did, it's almost like convoys form as if by magic when some major road gets closed off, I managed to escape the satellite city convoy by punching in "avoid sheep at next junction" and it worked (actually I just told it to take me the most direct route possible) and in no time at all I was winding my way down dirt tracks with grass in the middle of the road bouncing badgers off the front of my car.....but alas I suddenly appeared at a road I recognised and I was off.....wasn't even late for work :)

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