Friday, 7 December 2007

Well I passed the health and safety course :)

In fact everybody did, in fact they have only EVER had one failure and I suspect that was a cerebrally challenged single celled organism which just happened to be passing the classroom and decided to take the's a no brainer.... it's basically a bit of card with your mug on it, to show you know what is and isn't dangerous, the majority of it is common sense but by the very nature of accidents unless they are avoidable then that's what they are "accidents" and I guess it's making you aware of how to make things avoidable if you can

we did have a good discussion about what a "near miss" was....I explained that there is no such thing as a "near miss" because a "near miss" is actually a "hit".... if you nearly miss something then that means you have actually hit it.......(think about it) it took a while for it to sink in around the table but eventually everybody "got" what a ridiculous statement a "near miss" is, we decided a "near hit" was more accurate, I then pointed out that the instructors video recorder didn't have a valid electrical safety sticker on it and that it ran out in June of last year.....

nobody likes a smartarse ;¬)

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