Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy Birthday Emma :)

I don't know if you read my blog, but if you do then happy 18th Birthday, I miss you, I love you ....I always have ....and I hope you have a lovely day .....ohhhh and Happy New Year to you both !!!

Nothing much to report recently Andrea and I have had a quiet week, the kids aren't coming back until Wednesday so it looks like we will have a quiet New Years celebrations probably watching TV or a film, then at midnight crack open a bottle of bubbly and bring in the New year, I'm stuck in work today but hopefully we will finish early today, although I very nearly didn't get into work on time this morning, I set the alarm correctly but I think I must have set it to CD instead of radio or buzzer and I woke up at 07:26am instead of 06:30am to a faint clicking from the alarm and panic stations ....not a very pleasant start to the day...... and considering it takes me at least 45 minutes to get into work normally I only managed to be 5 minutes late but the poor Peugot must have thought I had put a brick in place of my right foot this morning, ahhhh well I will double check the position of the alarm next time before hitting the sack.....

and there is no canteen today :( .... but one of the guys I work with is doing a mercy dash to subway at lunch time so all is ok with the world :)

the only other thing of note about this Christmas is the appalling selection of TV programs & films, either I'm so old now that I have seen all the films they crank out every Christmas and can actually remember them after the 9th repeat, I mean come on.... Jurassic Park 1 2 and 3 !!! I could understand if the Velociraptors had festive tinsel in their teeth or the odd Santa hat thrown in or failing that the odd minced up Santa, but come on, and Sister Act purrrrlease !!! very disappointing to say the least

I did enjoy one of my presents that being "Jeremy Clarksons Supercars DVD" , it's not so much I actually enjoy watching supercars flying about the place, it's more the insane antics those three get up to but on this particular DVD it was only Jeremy Clarkson, I had to laugh when he was looking at the G-Wiz electric car made in the UK under license from India, and he set it against an American muscle car, which the muscle car won easily, so he then said it was a bit unfair putting up against a 500HP muscle car so gave it a chance by putting it up against a wooden table carried by four blokes, the table won !!! they then crashed the G-Wiz into the table and battery acid was splashed everywhere.....pointing out that if you want to get from A to B fast.... use a table, and if you want to be horribly burned to death with battery acid get a G-Wiz car !!

anyway Happy New year to everybody that reads my ramblings and I hope 2008 brings you everything you hoped it would :)


please see YouTube video attached

it explains it far better than I could explain it ;¬)


Manish said...

There are loads of negative publicity in the air about G-Wiz. But I am a proud G-Wiz owner. I never had any problems with G-Wiz, of course its speed is limited, but G-Wiz is a city car for commuting over short distances.

About safety, the GoinGreen has released the new G-Wiz i, which promises more safety and technologically more advancements.

check this video

Digamy said...

Sorry if I have offended you being a proud owner of a G-Wiz, I was mainly commenting on how Jeremy Clarkson went about testing the G-Wiz, which was very funny, I'm sure there are plenty of buyers out there who have acid resistant skin like yourself ;¬) (that was a joke by the way in case you take equal offence at this comment.... :) )