Monday, 3 December 2007

Happy smiley faces :)

Well here is smiling girl :)..... she seems to smile at the drop of a hat now and has a wicked sense of humour....

My tooth is giving me extreme jip, but I'm off to the dentist tomorrow so hopefully the outcome will involve little pain and long term gain :)

I went around to my parents tonight after work to sort out their installation of Ubuntu linux, my Dad apparently is a habitual button clicker.... ie/ lets see what this one does....ooooops.... anyway I put things right it was nothing serious and my mother gave Andrea and I a lovely fresh pasta maker, a soft toy for Freya and a £20 voucher for wine......which we are at this very minute selecting online our choices..... sounds like the conveyor belt from a 1970's generation game reading that back...(didn't he do well ????)

Anyway it was very thoughtful of her :) although I thought I had escaped endless pasta dishes with my first wife......but I have to say Andrea does know how to cook up a mean pasta even tastes nice, which I have to say was a bit of a novelty ;¬)

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