Wednesday, 3 October 2007

54 Miles Per Gallon !!!

I had to fill the Peugot 205 up this morning and the trip meter had done 470 miles so not bad on 40 litres of petrol and I haven't exactly been running about at 30 mph everywhere either, so I'm pleased with our frugal sewing machine, but at 1.1 litre it's not exactly a super car and neither does it need to be :)

My step daughter came home the other day and slapped down a letter from the school she has been invited to South Africa to do Netball in much the same way the eldest lad has been invited to do Rugby, I think it's the same trip....... it's only £1600 !!! but they get to do Whale watching etc etc it's a once in a lifetime experience .... for that price I would expect a whole Whale filleted and prepared in a nice garlic sauce for that much....let alone go to South Africa and just watch one !!! Finances aren't great at the moment, where the hell we are going to find £3200 for the both of them is beyond me, one thing I do know I refuse digging myself further into debt than I have already, there are limits......we shall see what the future brings

The only other thing is that my step daughter has asked to have her tongue pierced, Andrea flatly refused, and I don't blame her to be honest, I think it's probably the most unattractive type of piercing on anybody and anyway the British Body Piercing Association have a Code of Practice and Ethics for their members to follow, and these include not giving anybody a piercing under the age of 14 years. Those aged 14 to 16 must bring a parent or guardian with them. Also, piercings below the neck and on tongues at this age are carried out at the discretion of the piercer. Those aged 16 and over are treated as adults.

but it doesn't matter what the law says, the law according to mother says NO !!!

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