Friday, 19 October 2007

Gutsy Gibbon !!!

What is he talking about you may ask :) ?

/set geek mode on

Well it's the long awaited next instalment of ubuntu Linux !!! "gutsy gibbon" was it's development name as "feisty fawn" was it's predecessor, officially it's version 7.10, the previous version 7.04 was good, but like most distributions of linux always had problems with various things like wifi support which required the user to take a scalpel to the operating system scripts and insert some proprietary bit of code to make a previously Windows only bit of kit work in Linux.... that's the long and the short of it

Gutsy Gibbon was released yesterday 18/10/2007 and I downloaded it expecting improvements but still expecting to sharpen my scalpel after installing it, but I was really surprised, not only did it immediately recognise my Edimax 7128 wifi card (which turned up by the way ....eventually) it also quite merrily recognised my Nvidia graphics card and happily installed all support for the hardware with no problems whatsoever :) ...... and it really is the quickest boot and gui I have seen in ages in Linux

it was my first complete out of box linux install that actually worked 100% first time .....

I would seriously recommend anybody considering ubuntu to download and install it... it's worth it

/set geek mode off

still no mini me ..... :(

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