Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

Well the bun timer has gone off it's Andrea's due date, nothing to show this morning when I got up.. I have to say there was a lot of movement last night it was like putting your hand on a bag of puppies, lumps and bumps and jolts and squirms, to be honest we are both getting a bit fed up of waiting, but there is light at the end of the tunnel she has an inducement date of the 29th if she doesn't produce before then.... I hope she does there really isn't much room left

Nothing much to report really......just waiting.....and waiting

I'm picking my step daughter up at the sports centre tonight after her netball practice, it coincides with my return journey home for once, and I am under strict instructions not to wave at her or have my music playing in the car or behave in an embarrassing way in any shape or form..... or in fact behave in any way that could be construed as embarrassing by a 13 year old teenage girl.... who is so obviously hip and cool... (whatever that is these days)

I had best remove my red nose and false moustache and somehow manage to put my oversize clown shoes in the boot before I pick her up...... although I might just retard the ignition on the embarrassing Duran Duran car a little so it backfires horrendously as I pull up outside the sports centre with no music playing and a deadpan chauffeur face on ;¬)

I also sent the eldest lad a hilarious text I got this morning off a friend of mine, needless to say it's far too rude to say on here what it said..... but it was that good the xbox360 "master chief clone" (ahhhhh eeeeehhh arrrrrrr eeeeehhhhhh ...halo 3 durge) rang me up himself and he was getting holy hell off his friends who were laughing their heads off at him and the content of the text in the background...... apparently I'm dead tonight, he is going to beat me up..... I hope he does it after I go to sleep I'd hate to be disturbed, and I must remember to avoid getting within striking distance of those highly developed thumbs of his ;¬)

and I've found a new toy on the web

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