Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Still no mini me arrived yet

it's only two days until Andrea's due date. Time has flown by this year, I really don't know where all the months have gone, it only seems like a month ago I was complaining about how wet everything was (and still is by the way).

My parents have kindly lent their caravan for Andrea's parents to stay in when we give the green light for the mad dash down from Liverpool where they live, so I'm expecting it parked up near the house when I get home, it's a comfortable caravan not huge only two berth but has everything and is very warm, we will probably run a cable out so they can have have all mod cons whilst they stay over, certainly makes it easier than them camping out in the space on one of the landings for us and them.

our friends gave us a fantastic Mama's and Papa's wooden swinging crib, it would cost a fortune if we bought it, it's lovely.... it's been assembled and is parked next to the bed for easy access and all Andrea has to do is shove her hand out of bed (or foot) and rock it, I'm getting quite excited about it all now, it's finally hitting home that we are going to have a new arrival, we have no idea what it is yet, but everybody seems to think it's a boy, I'm reserving judgement until I see the evidence in front of me, there is no point in guessing because that's all it is..... guessing, whatever it is doesn't really matter because you can't send it back :)

My wifi cards and usb wifi print server didn't turn up yesterday so I'm hoping they do today at some point, at least then I can get my step daughter off my back and get her linux computer installed in her bedroom, I don't really agree with computers or TV's or games consoles in kids rooms, they simply don't think about the next morning when they are knackered after spending all night on them, but we have the final word all the computers can be shutdown remotely even from the internet through my VPN connection/firewall.

you can't really argue when your computer is shutdown remotely and it makes it a bit pointless switching it back on if it goes straight back off again....

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